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Microsoft’s AI Has Improved Its Products – And The World

As well as enhancing its own products, Microsoft’s commitment to artificial intelligence is making the world better too. Just last year, Microsoft’s AI work made less than favourable headlines, when its Twitter bot, Tay, was subverted by a less-than-helpful public. But that was just one small part of Microsoft’s ongoing push into artificial intelligence. Despite the […]Read more »

Free Cyber Security Guide For Small Businesses – Available To Download Now

It’s not just big corporations and public bodies that get attacked by cyber criminals. Download TMB’s free SME cyber security guide to find out more. More and more small businesses have growing IT departments, and that means cyber security is becoming increasingly important. Cyber crime is also getting easier to perpetrate, so the bad guys don’t […]Read more »

Passwords For Chocolate: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Would you give up your passwords for free chocolate? Many people would, the media tells us – repeatedly. Why, though, does this story keep popping up? Passwords are important. But not as important, it would seem, as chocolate. Since 2004, the idea that people will exchange their passwords for chocolate has made headlines several times. Numerous publications have […]Read more »