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Why Google’s Digital Garage Is Worth A Visit

Give your business a marketing boost with Google’s free advice service. Digital marketing is a vital component of any modern business strategy. Traditional marketing channels still have a huge role to play, of course, but digital marketing has allowed businesses to interact with potential customers in real-time. Highly affordable, measurable and targeted marketing activities can all […]Read more »

What Are Homograph Attacks, And How Can You Avoid Them?

Scammers take adantage of alphabet similarities. Could you tell the difference between ‘’ and ‘www.аmаzо’? Or ‘’ and ‘www.hѕbс’? If not, you could end up being a victim of cyber crime, thanks to a simple scam that involves swapping characters in web addresses with ones that look similar or even identical. Known as IDN homograph attacks, […]Read more »

Dixons Carphone Suffers Major Data Breach

Why does this sound familiar? Update: It was much, much worse than it seemed at first. New reports suggest that around 10 million accounts were affected, not 1.2 million.    Hackers have attempted to compromise almost six millions credit and debit cards, having gained access to systems belonging to Dixons Carphone. The data breach was revealed […]Read more »