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Teams And Slack: Who Wins The Most From Atlassian Dropping Stride?

The market for enterprise communication tools has lost one major contender, but it could provide an invaluable chance for Microsoft. Australian software developer Atlassian is abandoning both its business chat applications, leaving many of its customers wondering where they should turn next. With both HipChat and Stride set to be discontinued, there will soon be thousands […]Read more »

How Office 365 Helped Us To Achieve Our IASME Governance Certification

Microsoft’s security solutions give businesses the protection they need. As any responsible business should, TMB takes security seriously. Not only do we implement the very same technologies we sell to our customers, we also assess the effectiveness of our current systems on a regular basis, making improvements as necessary. Part of that means renewing our Cyber […]Read more »

Microsoft Hits New Heights

Happy days for Nadella and co. July 19 2018 was quite the red letter day for Microsoft. For the first time in the company’s history, the corporation announced that its profits exceeded $100bn, a figure that points to an impressive turnaround since Satya Nadella was named as its third CEO in 2014. Towards the latter stages […]Read more »

New Bluetooth Vulnerability Illustrates The Importance Of Updates

Data can be stolen or injected, thanks to security problem. Researchers from the Israel Institute of Technology have discovered a significant security flaw in the Bluetooth protocol – one that could leave devices and computes vulnerable to ‘man in the middle’ attacks, where data can be intercepted and stolen, or injected to deliver malware. As numerous […]Read more »