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What’s New In Opera 3 SQL SE (2.53) And Opera 3 (2.53)?

Greater performance awaits… The latest versions of Opera 3 SQL SE and Opera 3 have been released. Both contain performance enhancements, as well as new features. Opera 3 SQL SE Performance enhancements Significant performance improvements have been made in the following areas: SOP/Invoicing Batch Processing: As we highlighted at the Partner Conference in May, this function […]Read more »

It’s World Ecolabel Day!

Support sustainable IT products I’m not going to lie – there are more exciting days to celebrate. Birthdays, Easter, the launch of a a new Avengers film, to name but three. But World Ecolabel Day, which is today, is important, nonetheless. The initiative, of which Sweden-based TCO Development is a member, is designed to be a […]Read more »

Windows 10 Update Pulled

Automatic file deletion results in swift action. Over the past few days, Microsoft has found itself in an unenviable position: having to apologise to Windows users. The October rollout of the much-anticipated Windows 10 Update was meant to run smoothly. Testing had been carried out with users on the Windows Insider program (Microsoft’s software testing program […]Read more »

Collaborative Working With Microsoft Tools

How to promote teamwork with the right software. There are all sorts of benefits to collaborative working. Helping those within a business to better recognise and work towards shared goals, collaborative working can bring more ideas and expertise to the table when resolving problems, as well as solving those problems quicker and more efficiently. Collaborative working […]Read more »

Facebook In Fine Mess?

EU regulator “concerned” over data breach In another case demonstrating the importance of data security, Facebook has come under the watchful gaze of Ireland’s Data Protection Commission, following the recent breach that affected over 50 million accounts. Because Facebook’s European operations are based in Ireland, the Data Protection Commission (DPC) is Europe’s key privacy regulator for […]Read more »