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Calls For Delay In Making Tax Digital

House of Lords warns against April implementation. The Economic Affairs Committee has published a report looking at the Making Tax Digital for VAT scheme and its message is clear: delay its introduction by at least a year. From 1st April 2019, Making Tax Digital for VAT will be compulsory for VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover […]Read more »

Custom Business Software: Necessity Or Overkill?

Would a fully bespoke software solution suit your organisation? Custom business software sounds ideal for most organisations, but it’s not quite that simple. Every sector has its own unique challenges, and within those sectors, individual firms can also differ a great deal, so the idea of every business having its own bespoke software seems to make […]Read more »

Surface Go Adds 4G

Mobile connectivity gives Microsoft tablet a fresh look. During the summer, while we were all sweltering amid what would eventually turn out to be the joint hottest on record, Microsoft launched a tablet that could genuinely be seen as an alternative to Apple’s iPad (and Google’s Chromebooks, to boot). The light Surface Go tablet featured Windows […]Read more »

Exploring Digital Banking For SMEs

Flexible options for businesses as banking looks to future. Earlier this month, two major UK banks launched initiatives that embrace fintech. With solutions such as Tide leading the digital charge, it stands to reason that long-established financial institutions should look to develop their own products aimed squarely at technology-savvy businesses. Back in May, HSBC was the […]Read more »

IBM Buys Red Hat In Mega-Deal

$34bn paid for open-source business. Recently, IBM made a pretty stunning announcement. Tech acquisitions are made all the time, so the fact that IBM was dipping into the penny jar to snap up another company isn’t in itself particularly surprising. But when this much money is involved, it was always bound to raise an eyebrow or […]Read more »