About Us

About Us

TMB provides high-quality, reliable IT support and services to businesses and organisations across South East England. We're never too far away, thanks to our offices in four locations:

- London
- Havant, Hampshire
- Colchester, Essex
- Chatham, Kent

At TMB, we help businesses and IT professionals find the right balance between functionality and safety, taking care of network performance, monitoring cyber security and responding quickly to any problems.

Our expertise comes from providing IT support for over 30 years to thousands of businesses and public sector organisations. We have clients from a wide variety of sectors, including manufacturing retail, distribution, professional services, education and social care.

They all look to us to deliver professional IT support that adds value to the way they work. For some, this means relying on TMB to monitor and fix any IT network issues; for others, we provide independent expertise for major infrastructure projects.

Whatever your requirements, why not call us for an informal discussion? You’ll find our team friendly, informative and on top of all current IT challenges.

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