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NetSuite is a leading supplier of cloud-based business management software. NetSuite solutions help companies to run business processes with a single, fully integrated system that delivers ERP/financials, CRM, ecommerce, inventory and more. These solutions can be tailored to specific industries and are scalable and cost effective.

TMB Group are a registered NetSuite partner. We are able to offer the comprehensive benefits of a cloud finance/ERP solution. NetSuite offers a solution that delivers flexibility by allowing you add modules at your own pace, in keeping with your precise business requirement.

NetSuite will save you money by reducing the total cost of IT ownership and costs associated with administrative headcount and processes. You will always have a current and accurate view of business performance as manual re-entry processes are eliminated. Your customers’ sales, finance and service information is also will also be presented in real time.

Costly IT overheads are reduced by NetSuite as automated upgrades save your IT Department time and money. This means that you will be safe in the knowledge that you are always running the correct software release.

NetSuite enables you to access to real time personalised business intelligence from any location using a web browser or mobile device. The business processes that support your business are also accelerated by NetSuite. This will make your operation more agile and responsive to change.

For organisations with multi-layered or complex structures NetSuite offers real time financial consolidation per business unit and in any given currency. This will support standardisation and clarity within your organisation.

For TMB Group customers requiring support with planning and implementation this is available from Netsuite under the Netsuite One methodology. NetSuite uses a proven methodology based on best practices gleaned from vast experience in deploying the NetSuite solution. Called NetSuite One, this formal methodology is a phased approach. The methods deployed are those that have most greatly benefited thousands of customers in their implementations.

NetSuite One is composed of activities logically grouped into seven distinct stages, which support the long-term success of the NetSuite deployment, making it easier to provide management and control during the lifecycle of a project.

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NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a powerful solution that will enable your managers to build a sound understanding of the performance and operations of your business.

NetSuite ERP delivers a comprehensive suite of applications. These include; financial accounting and management, supply chain and inventory management, order management, shipping and fulfilment, revenue management, employee time and expense management, business intelligence and more in one powerful package.

Most importantly NetSuite joins this information together to present enterprise-wide real time business intelligence. This will enable you to make robust and well informed decisions that will support your business plans and your company.

NetSuite For Consulting Firms

Consulting Firms can achieve greater cost saving and control when working with NetSuite. A complete Knowledge Management capability delivers high quality project management and monitoring in real time.

The NetSuite solution reduces costs through the streamlining of operations. This will be achieved through closer time tracking, expense tracking and automated administration. This enables more effective deployment of staff, and support the drive for repeat business.

NetSuite solutions are also accessible from a full range of browsers and mobile devices. Your business can continue at any time and from almost any place (subject to availability of internet access).

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NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM+ is an extremely powerful tool for increasing customer insight and satisfaction. A fully rounded customer experience is offered in this cloud CRM solution. Sales force automation (SFA) and Marketing Automation are included to ensure that you achieve maximum exposure to selling opportunities. Customer support, service and customisation options mean that customer interactions are personalised and very well managed.

This solution is differentiated by the sheer volume of value-added features that it delivers as standard. These include sales performance management, order management, partner management and marketing effectiveness capabilities.

A streamlined quote to order process ensures that the whole lifecycle of a sale is efficiently managed. The CRM analytics and reporting tools will enhance your understanding of your customers’ preferences and buying behaviour. This solution will enable you to optimise performance to deliver even greater levels of customer satisfaction.

NetSuite Ecommerce

TMB Group customers who trade using Ecommerce will benefit hugely from the efficiencies that the NetSuite solution offers. This solution delivers for B2C and B2B websites by helping you to reach more customers, to sell more products and fulfil orders across multiple websites and international locations.

Key attributes include the ability to merge Ecommerce with offline channels, set-up websites rapidly, run several web-stores, offer complete self-service to your customers and take a comprehensive and real time view of website activity.This solution will help to deliver greater ROI through the inclusion of automated cross-sell and up-sell functionality. Your customers will also be delighted by the feature rich and intuitive online shopping experience.

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NetSuite Financials

NetSuite Financials offers TMB Group customers across all industries a finance/ERP capability that includes accounting, budgeting and financials, however there is more to this solution than just ordinary Accounting Software.

The solution offers real time visibility of your financial and operational performance across the whole business. The solution includes Fixed Asset Management using standard and custom depreciation methods. The available dashboards, reporting and analytics will enable your managers to rapidly make well informed tactical and strategic decisions.

This cloud-based solution offers quick and simple software upgrades which won’t require expensive changes in hardware. This will reduce your IT expenditure over time. The up to date management reports and information will be available through any browser or mobile device which drive business agility and efficiency.

Seamless business process flows offered by NetSuite financials will help to join up your organisation as all staff will be working from a single source of sales, finance and customer data.

NetSuite For Manufacturing

TMB Group are delighted to offer a NetSuite solution that promises leaner manufacturing production processes, better resource planning and more effective supply chain management. This Software as a Service (SaaS) platform will reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies.

Your business could also benefit from greater customer satisfaction as easy integration with NetSuite CRM+ and Financials provides you with greater understanding of customer needs and behaviour.

Sharper business insight is provided by the included dashboards in this NetSuite solution which provide real time information on business performance and your customer interactions.

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NetSuite For Media & Publishing

TMB Group are pleased to offer a cloud-based integrated business suite to media, publishing, advertising and creative services companies. This solution will enable you to run your business more effectively through the inclusion of sales, service and analytics capabilities as standard.

The whole sales process can be tracked from lead generation to forecasting revenues. You will become easier to do business with through the simplified order processing and increase customer satisfaction through the streamlined billing processes that NetSuite provides.

NetSuite For Non-Profits

TMB Group’s Non-Profit customers can benefit from our value-adding approach to IT through the NetSuite portfolio. This NetSuite solution, aimed at the Third Sector, delivers high-end web presence, powerful information sharing and has a superb fundraising application.

Fundraiser and donor interactions will be managed in powerful relationship management tools that will drive up the potential of fundraising campaigns. The strong interaction with your donors is kept consistent online through the powerful online applications that NetSuite has developed.

NetSuite For Retail

NetSuite understand that customers have high expectations of all retail channels and expect a consistent brand experience every time. Any compromise could see a migration to competitors. NetSuite offers a comprehensive solution that will join up all retail channels to give your retail operations a competitive edge.

This cloud-based solution includes POS (Point of Sale), Ecommerce, CRM, marketing, merchandising, order management, inventory, financials and warehouse management. You will have a centrally managed end to end solution that will enable multichannel retailers to delight customers through enhanced customer service whilst becoming a more agile and competitive business.

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NetSuite For Wholesale & Distribution

The Wholesale Distribution Edition from NetSuite is the only cloud-based integrated business suite designed specifically for Wholesale Distributors. The whole process, from initial lead to sale & fulfilment is fully managed by NetSuite. Advanced warehouse, inventory management and order fulfilment capabilities make this a leading solution for Wholesale Distributors.

Customisable built-in dashboards provide visibility of the whole organisation allowing you to be agile and rapidly respond to customer demands.

This NetSuite edition can be fully integrated with other NetSuite modules such as Partner Relationship Management, Webstores & CRM to create the most appropriate solution for your business.

Software Development Services

TMB Group’s Software Development Team are a highly skilled group with wide-ranging technical expertise. They have been developing best in class solutions for our customers for many years. The team’s skills include .net, SQL, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Java and Test driven development.

The team design technical solutions that will quickly solve complex business issues. They are able to help you to get more from your IT by making your systems effectively support your business strategy.

The team deliver a wide range of services to customers of all sizes across all industry verticals. They are experts at developing software solutions that will streamline your business. The ability of the team to deliver standard and bespoke solutions is second to none.

The approach is consultative, communicative, and free from jargon. Our team would be very happy to discuss how you can get the most out of your software

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Accounting Software Enhancements

TMB Group are able to integrate additional elements into your Pegasus Opera system, whether you need to expand your capability or simply include additional pieces of information.  We can provide bespoke or readily available solutions, depending on your business needs. Examples of Accounting Software enhancements include; timesheets, invoicing, nominal ledger, bespoke web solutions and sales Order Process (SOP) modules.

We have been training, supporting and maintaining our Pegasus customers for over 20 years. As an accredited Centre of Excellence we are able to offer sound advice on how to get the most out of Pegasus software.

Bespoke Databases

TMB Group’s Software Development Team can develop any given database to meet specific business requirements. This could include adding extra reference fields, look-ups or additional information. The team are highly skilled and experienced at expanding Pegasus Opera databases.

They also have the capability to create or modify completely bespoke databases.

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Ecommerce Links

TMB Group’s expertise at linking and developing Ecommerce sites will support the smooth running of your online business. We can ensure that your online operation is fully integrated with your Accounting Software and all other systems. We can also provide technical consultancy on how best to defend and grow your online business.

Ecommerce is facilitated in Opera through the ability to link Stock Control, Sales Order Processing and Actinic Web Publishing Suite. This offering is suitable for both B2C and B2B customers. Your customers will be able to order products from your website following the same rules that Opera has set up in the back office, such as special offers or discounts.

The system is also able to synchronise stock levels giving you even greater operational control over your online and offline activities.


TMB Group have considerable Payroll expertise. Our longstanding relationship with Pegasus has enabled us to provide first class support to customers using Accounting Software packages. We update our customer’s payroll at the end of the tax year and make recommendations on how our customers can upgrade and improve their accounting software systems. These suggestions may include simple or bespoke upgrades, payroll analysis enhancements, and linking to other IT systems to support business processes.

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Process Automation

TMB Group are able to support customers by implementing solutions that automate the import and export of data to meet customer specifications. Our Colchester-based Software Developers have created a piece of software that carries out automated import and export of data. This enables customers to move information in an easy and efficient way.


TMB Group’s Distribution customers have come to us for innovative and sustainable solutions. We have been able to achieve both objectives, as well as providing ongoing technical support and consultancy. We supply a warehousing solution that can fully integrate seamlessly with your existing technologies. Past deployments include automated stock requisition and automated purchase order production solutions. These deployments have all been smoothly linked in to the existing IT systems.

Third Party Applications

Due to the popularity of Pegasus we are able to provide many hundreds of applications. These can be developed in-house by our Software Development Team or by third parties. Some of the most popular examples are listed in these pages. These include Tills Software, Barcode Scanning and Warehouse Management, hand-held order capture and Direct-Debit software applications.

Our Software Development team will work closely to understand your business, your plans and requirements and then recommend the most suitable solution for your company. The team are always finding new solutions and looking at different ways of working with technology, so please do get in touch.

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Barcode Scanning & warehouse Management

TMB Group are using best in class suppliers, MJM for Barcode Scanning and Aspin Warehouse Management solutions to meet our wholesale and distribution customers’ order processing and stock control needs.

These solutions will increase your customer satisfaction by reducing the number of inaccurately processed orders and tracking the process of every order that comes into the warehouse. It is also possible to label priority orders to ensure that key accounts receive priority treatment. The solution will give greater control over the productivity of the warehouse as all order-related activity can be monitored.

Direct Debits

TMB Group can organise Direct Debit payment as part of a solution should this be required. We source Direct Debits (BACS) from an established partner called Corrin who have written Direct Debits (BACS) software specifically for Pegasus Opera. This service has been available to Pegasus users for over 15 years. It is the only fully integrated Direct Debits (BACS) software available for Opera.

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Handheld Order Capture

TMB Group customers are able to benefit from our relationship with Aspin to access a range of order capturing solutions. Our Software Development Team have written software programmes that interface between the various Aspin applications and Pegasus Opera Accounting Software. This means that sales reps may directly generate quotes or place orders on a smartphone or tablet whilst with a customer. This will reduce the time between order to fulfilment and increase customer satisfaction.

We have the experience and ability to design a solution that will meet your order capturing needs. Please do get in touch.

Tills Software

TMB Group work with Kamarin, a best in class supplier of EPOS solutions to run cash tills. This service is of huge benefit to TMB Accounting Solutions customers who are able to integrate this solution with their existing Pegasus Accounting Software.

This system enables customers to access stock information in real time thus enabling you to manage peaks and troughs in demand. Variations of the system have been developed for specific industries, and there is even a “haggle” screen that enables negotiations on price.

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Special Offers

Outgrown Sage 50?

Move From Sage To Pegaus

Have you outgrown Sage 50? If your accounting system is holding your business back, it’s time to take a look at award-winning Opera 3. There are 30 good reasons to make the move to Pegasus.

1. Need more than 20 users? In Opera 3 you can have up to 200 users, perfect for growing businesses
2. Store a large number of sales transactions
3. Unlimited companies as standard for greater flexibility and growth
4. Flexibility to choose open or closed periods
5. Multi-level Nominal Ledger – up to 7 layers of analysis in the nominal structure for in depth analysis and reporting
6. Auto enrolment of pensions included as standard with the Payroll application
7. Trading internationally? Multi-currency comes as standard
8. In depth reporting and analysis with powerful drilldown for more informed decision making
9. Better stock control – keep track of multiple warehouses
10. Full batch processing and serial number traceability
11. Importer routines for easy integration
12. Improved sales order processing – enables back-to-back purchase order
13. Consolidation – merge two or more companies financial data into one combined nominal
14. Purchase Invoice Register
15. Service and Helpdesk Management – deliver top class customer service to help retain customers
16. Excel integration – improved reporting with award-winning Pegasus XRL
17. Landed costs to give you a true value of your stock
18. Pegasus Dashboards – monitor your KPIs with eye catching charts and graphs
19. Integrated Payroll application to make processing your payroll easy
20. Personnel included as standard with the Payroll application
21. Web based Payroll Self Service – empower your employees by giving them 24/7 access to their personal data on the move
22. Integrated CRM application to help you attract more customers and improve retention
23. Integrated Document Management application – save your documents electronically for easy storage and retrieval
24. Integrated Credit Management Centre – Who owes you what and when? Reduce customer debt and improve cash flow
25. Open architecture gives you the ability to bespoke Opera 3 for your particular business needs
26. Fully integrated – Opera 3 is a single solution for all areas of your business
27. 0% finance available over two years*
28. Flexible pricing – buy individual applications or bundles. Buy what you need, when you need it
29. 70 dedicated Pegasus Partners – nationwide coverage so you’ll have consultation, support and training on your doorstep
30. Save 30% on the Opera 3 RSP*


Terms and conditions

1. The promotion is valid from Tuesday 1 July 2014 until Wednesday 31 December 2014

2. The 30% discount is available on the Opera 3 RSP to new customers trading in Sage 50

3. The 30% discount is not available on subscription pricing

4. The 30% discount is not available in conjunction with 0% finance

5. Orders must be placed before 3pm on Wednesday 31 December 2014 to take advantage of the discount

6. No other discounts can be run in conjunction with this offer

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