Peripheral Vision: The Importance Of External Devices

Is your business using the right computing equipment? When considering IT budgets and workstation setups, it’s perhaps understandable that computer peripherals might not stir up much passionate debate. If a brand new laptop, desktop PC or smartphone are blockbuster purchases, peripherals are all too easily viewed as the bargain basement purchase from the local supermarket.… Read More »

Are Cloud Backups Safe?

Online storage is handy, but it’s not without risks. The ability to store copies of important data online is something that many individuals and businesses find invaluable. Millions of users sign up to services like Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, and there’s a huge market for enterprise-grade solutions like Veeam and Unitrends. It’s quick, convenient… Read More »

Many Business Have Poor Cyber Security, Says New Report

Are you doing enough to protect yourself? Many businesses are failing when it comes to cyber security, including basic practices like updating software and using strong passwords. So says a new report by security firm Positive Technologies. In gathering the results of security assessments, including penetration testing, Positive Technologies saw some alarming patterns in security… Read More »