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TCO Certified Focuses On Extending Product Life Cycle

Updated criteria to aid in responsible purchasing choices. Earlier this week, the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products, TCO Certified, launched the latest generation – the eigth, in fact – of its set of criteria. The TCO Certified labelling scheme is the brainchild of Sweden-based TCO Development, and the scheme exists to help drive progress towards […]Read more »

New Tech Initiative Targets Small Businesses

Scheme launched as part of London Mayor’s wider Economic Development Strategy. London mayor Sadiq Khan has published his strategy for making the capital a fairer, more inclusive city, the Economic Development Strategy. As part of that strategy, plans are in place to help small businesses take advantage of London’s technology and artificial intelligence sectors, both described […]Read more »

Windows 10 Update Pulled

Automatic file deletion results in swift action. Over the past few days, Microsoft has found itself in an unenviable position: having to apologise to Windows users. The October rollout of the much-anticipated Windows 10 Update was meant to run smoothly. Testing had been carried out with users on the Windows Insider program (Microsoft’s software testing program […]Read more »

Peripheral Vision: The Importance Of External Devices

Is your business using the right computing equipment? When considering IT budgets and workstation setups, it’s perhaps understandable that computer peripherals might not stir up much passionate debate. If a brand new laptop, desktop PC or smartphone are blockbuster purchases, peripherals are all too easily viewed as the bargain basement purchase from the local supermarket. It’s […]Read more »

Foreshadow Is Part Of A Long-Term Problem, Says Security Expert

SonicWall’s CEO, Bill Conner, explains why processor vulnerabilities like Foreshadow aren’t going away. Foreshadow, the hardware-level processor flaw recently discovered in Intel chips isn’t the first of its kind – and won’t be the last. At the beginning of the year, there was widespread panic about Spectre and Meltdown, and although patches have been released to mitigate […]Read more »