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As a customer of TMB, you can log support tickets in a number of different ways. As well as contacting us via phone or email, you can use our dedicated online client portal, which will enable you to see the progress of your ticket in real time.


Emailing your support request to TMB is quick and convenient. Your ticket is logged immediately, and you will receive an automatic email confirmation.

Any attachments and screenshots with your email are also included in your ticket, which helps us to help you faster.

Please email:

IT & Infrastructure requests

Pegasus Software requests

To update an existing ticket by email simply reply with the ticket number in the subject line.

The Autotask Client Portal allows you to create new support requests as well as view ticket updates and manage all your support requests in one location.

Please request your personal logon details from your account manager.

Use Portal

Please call us on 0333 900 9050 to log a new support request, especially for critical issues or site outages.

Once your request for support has been received, it will be prioritised according to the severity of the issue and assigned to the appropriate technical team. Critical Priority means an issue preventing multiple people from working. High Priority means an issue preventing a single person from working.

We respond to all tickets within your SLA. Critical & High Priority issues jump to the top of the queue, and then all tickets are responded to in the order they are logged.

Call Us

Your support representative may request to commence a remote control session. Please click the link below and enter the code they provide you:

Remote Support

The secure file transfer service serves two purposes. It allows you to send any data to TMB securely so it is encrypted as it passes across the internet. Email is not secure. This service can also be used to transfer large files that are too large to send on email.

Please click the following link to access the secure file transfer service:

Secure File Transfer

Download Our Support Guide

For your convenience, we’ve put together this downloadable guide, to show you how to get the most from TMB’s customer support. It also contains information about escalating enquiries to senior team members.