Endpoint Security & Maintenance Suite

Endpoint Security & Maintenance

Simplify your cyber security with our all-in-one solution

Why make your cyber security more complicated than it needs to be? With TMB’s Endpoint Security and Maintenance Suite, we’re making life easier for you. By rolling up a selection of business-class security tools, we’ve created a straightforward but effective, multilayered solution – all for a surprisingly low monthly cost per user.

What’s Included?

For just a few pounds per month per user, you get all of this:

Antivirus agent.

Remote connectivity agent.

Patching service (Microsoft).

Patching service (third party).

Fully managed patch service for Windows including out-of-hours remediation and reboot.

Monthly subscription to TMB Endpoint Security Including antivirus, anti-malware and anti-crypto protection.

Maintenance and resolution of all issues relating to TMB Endpoint Security out of hours.

Proactive PC health check and maintenance.

Monthly reporting on the above.

Advanced TMB Desktop Communicator.

Power And Flexibility When You Need It Most

TMB’s Endpoint Security and Maintenance Suite can easily be combined with our managed IT support service, as well our backup and disaster recovery solution – giving you the ultimate in proactive, flexible cover.

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