On this page, you’ll find free, downloadable documents, detailing some of TMB’s many services, as well as articles and print-outs offering advice and guidance.

TMB Products & Services

About TMB

For anyone who hasn’t worked with TMB before or who’s new to us, this document lists some of our most important services and products, as well providing contact details.

8×5 Service Desk

Our 8×5 Service Desk offers exceptional support during normal working hours. This datasheet explains what’s covered.

24×7 Fully Managed Uplift

With this optional service uplift, you get access to our out-of-hours support desk – available 365 days a year.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data loss can be catastrophic for businesses, but with our fully managed backup and disaster recovery service you get peace of mind for a low, monthly price.

Fully Managed Security & Maintenance Endpoint Service

Keep your business safe with this wide-ranging package of security solutions – all for a low monthly fee.

Fully Managed Server Operating System Service

Do you know what software version your server is running? If not, it might be out of date and unsafe. With this service, we’ll keep an eye on everything for you.

Security Awareness Training

TMB’s security awareness and phishing training is the perfect way to test your business’s vulnerability to human error. This document explains how it works.

TMB Support

Existing, new and future customers should read this. In it, we explain how TMB’s support desk works, how we deal with tickets, and who to contact if you have a problem.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-run scheme, which allows businesses to assess and prove the effectiveness of their cyber security solutions.

Why Opera 3?

Upgrade To Opera 3

Pegasus Opera 2 has served many businesses well for a long time. But with new laws coming it, users will have no choice but to move on. Opera 3 is the natural choice.

Articles, Guides & Advice

Windows 10: Why is it right for your business?

Microsoft’s newest operating system is fast becoming the most popular OS in the world. What can it offer your business to make you upgrade?

10 Cyber Security Commandments

The poster lists a few simple ways to make your business less vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Password Tips

Still using ‘password’ as your password? These seven tips show just how easy it is to create a password that’s strong but easy to remember.

SME Cyber Security

Essential Security

Cyber security can be complicated, but if you just want the basics, this document is for you. In it, we look at common security-related language and address some key concerns for businesses.

Tech & Trust

Technology isn’t perfect, and to get the most from it, you need to be aware of its limitations. In this article, we explore how blind faith in technology should be replaced by a measured and multi-layered approach.

Making Tax Digital

The UK government wants the tax system to be wholly digital. For businesses, that means investing in IT solutions that support the Making Tax Digital system. This print-out explains the key concepts.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Managing the amount of time you spend working in front of a screen is vital if you want to stay healthy. This poster includes some basic advice for better ergomic practice.

11 Bad Email Habits

Email can be immensely useful, but if used improperly, it can be a real drag on your business. This poster looks at 11 of the worst email habits you should avoid.