Software Development

Software Development

Improve efficiency, performance and business intelligence with software made to suit your unique requirements. Our dedicated development team are experts at building bespoke apps and plugins, helping your business reach its full potential.

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Understanding your business drivers is vital to ensuring the software we develop for you can make a positive difference. Starting with an understanding of your business vision, TMB can advise how software improves efficiency and performance. We develop advanced business applications and reporting tools, giving you specific and valuable business insights.

Working closely with you, we ensure projects are properly focused on the business challenges you face. There are many ways in which software can be transformative. It can improve workflows and automate previously tedious tasks. It can enhance measurability and accountability. It can connect different systems to deliver valuable business intelligence. By defining your business challenges at the outset, we help you to address these and open new opportunities.

If you’re thinking about investing in custom software, then ultimately you want it to provide value for your business. In short, you want it to aid profitability. We work to clarify your possibilities and mitigate your risks.

To give you maximum possible control, we define scope as quickly as possible. Communication is crucial at every stage, whether through clear documentation or well-timed workshops. By ensuring you’re clear on our understanding of your requirements, and by taking an iterative approach, we keep projects targeted at your goals.

For us, the product is never simply the SharePoint workflow, business app or software we develop; it’s the value delivered for your business. This starts well before the right software solution is delivered, and for that to happen, the right development process is crucial.

As with everything we do, the approach we take is built around you and your needs. We normally follow an agile development process, but we are flexible, using other project approaches where they are more suitable.

We always deliver a proof of concept at the earliest opportunity. The features that are essential to each project’s success are defined and agreed, and we are proactive in advising on possible enhancements.

Clients trust us to deliver business-focused software projects. We work to earn this trust each time, and we value the long-term relationships we have built as a result.