Fully Managed 24x7 Backup & Disaster Recovery

The ultimate safety net for your IT systems

If your network goes down, two words will matter more than any others: business continuity. If your people can’t work and you can’t process orders, that’s wasted time and lost revenue.

But getting you up and running again is what our Backup & Disaster Recovery service is all about. In a matter of minutes, you can be working from a local or cloud backup, enabling you to get back to business before the disruption starts to cost you money.

How It Works

TMB Fully Managed 24×7 Backup & Disaster Recovery works in the following way:

1) Your server is protected by TMB’s backup agents. These will run discreetly on your server, managing the backup process for you.

2) Backups are sent to an on-site location, running the TMB backup manager and disaster recovery solution.

3) Optionally, backups can also be sent to the TMB Cloud backup and disaster recovery server.

4) This is all managed by TMB’s team of engineers, and you can access all backups through a single, unified interface.

5) In the event of a server failure, we can quickly restore your systems from the local or cloud backup. It’s even possible to use these backup locations in server mode, so you can get back to work even sooner.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
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Key Benefits

  • Backups are monitored 24x7.
  • Recover in minutes, at any time of the year.
  • Recovery of data and applications ensures business continuity.
  • Subscription pricing allows for easily managed, predictable costs.
  • Cloud backup and DR provides an extra layer of security.

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