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Database Administration

Ensure the integrity and security of your data

Is your database organised as well as it could be? If it’s not, how could you improve it? Our database administration service is designed to answer these kind of questions and to give you maximum database uptime.


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What We Do

Our database administrator (DBA) solutions help to maintain the performance, integrity and security of your database. Our experts have created a process to health check your SQL infrastructure, to advise you on the best remedial steps and support package for your SQL databases.


Benefits Of Database Administration

  • Boost the security of your database. 
  • Fine-tune the performance of your database. 
  • Ensure database backups are up to date and effective. 
  • Produce more useful reports from your database information.

Why Use TMB?

The data your business generates is invaluable, so looking after it should be a priority. Every customer, every order, every internal purchase – it all needs to be stored somewhere. 

You might not, however, be able to justify hiring an in-house database administrator. 

That’s where we come in. Working remotely, we can monitor and manage your database for you, making sure it’s working as effectively as possible.