Business Intelligence

Transform messy raw data into meaningful reports to allow strategic and tactical decision making.

Making good business decisions is difficult, so why make it harder with poorly organised information and ineffective data analysis?

Using TMB’s customised business intelligence (BI) solutions, you can bring order to this chaos.

Why Business Intelligence Matters

Start the journey to a data driven culture, empowering end users to make informed business decisions.

Companies collect tremendous amounts of data but in inconsistent formats. Dates, for example, can easily be recorded in several ways – is it 01/10/18 or 10/01/18!?

Business intelligence is more than just reports and dashboards. The underpinning raw data must be collected and maintained following best practices. The qualitative versus quantitative debate must be had.

Why Use Business Intelligence?

The potential value of data to businesses is hard to ignore. Knowing your customers means you can respond better to their needs. Understanding the performance of your products and services allows you to assess their value. Identifying weaknesses in your organisation gives you an avenue to improvement.

But to really achieve these aims, not only do you need to ensure effectiveness and efficient data gathering. You also need tools that enable you to collate, cross reference and consolidate it all into something that’s both detailed but digestible. That’s where BI is worth its weight in gold.

With the right BI tools, you can quickly access reports that bring all your data into one place in a way that lets you understand what it all means. No more sifting through pages of print-outs looking for relevant figures. With business intelligence, you can make informed decisions, fast.

Our BI Services Include:

  • BI architecture and infrastructure
  • Data clean-up
  • Database consolidation
  • Data warehousing
  • SSRS reports
  • Power BI
  • Dashboards
  • Data capture enhancements and workflows
  • Data cubes