Industry Sectors We Work With

IT solutions tailored to match your industry

Not only do our customers range from small, family-owned companies to large, multinational corporations, they also come from a wide variety of industry sectors. These are a just of few of the types of business we’ve worked with in the past.


Educational institutions, like most public sector organisations, have to find the right balance of quality and value. That’s why TMB has developed cost-effective and reliable solutions to support the administrative and student needs of schools and colleges.

We can advise on the separation of networks for management functions and for student areas, including implementing best-in-class web content filtering and reporting, and setting up a YouTube for schools service. Whatever the level of control you require, we can advise and then deliver.

We also help our education clients source reliable and cost-effective classroom technology, including projectors, whiteboards, interactive tables and much, much more.

Leisure & Hospitality

High-quality WiFi and mobile communication is at the top of most customers’ expectations in the hotel and leisure industry, so we’ve developed a package of internet, telephone and data packages that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each establishment.

We’re also experts in the application of online room booking systems – because not being online simply isn’t an option.

Professional Services

Our specialist support for professional service firms helps to deliver reliable and high-performance computer networks, secured for collaboration.

Our expertise extends from email exchange servers to hybrid cloud platforms, ensuring that popular applications such as Office 365 perform seamlessly alongside industry-specific packages. Our independent status also means we can act as a sounding board on infrastructure investment, so any decisions are measured against a return on investment and the wider interests of your business, particularly when it comes to implementing cyber security strategies.


Logistics companies have never been under so much pressure to deliver, thanks to ever greater demands for smart order processes and despatch.

At TMB, we help our warehousing and distribution customers get the basics right – including ensuring that their IT networks can bridge long distances so that data is transferred seamlessly around the site. We are experts in EDI and barcoding software solutions, so our clients can be confident that whatever the time of day, their pick lists, stock takes and inventory will be reading out accurately in real-time.

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