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Guaranteed Support

Peace of mind is invaluable, and having the comfort of knowing that 24/7 IT support is guaranteed can make a real difference to an organisation. TMB offers a comprehensive support package provided by a dedicated account manager. This means that service desk access is guaranteed, on-site support is supplied, and highly-trained technical contact is provided. With a fully-managed IT service from TMB, incident escalation prioritisation is always in place, and this extends to third-parties. In other words, even if the problem is not your own, it can be solved.

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Agile Solutions

Agility is the secret to organisational success, and flexible IT services are the key to unlocking that strategy. This means having a package that is tailor-made to your unique requirements, and which can be altered to respond to planned and unplanned changes. With IT agility as a strategic tool, any new horizon can be confidently navigated, without breaking the bank.

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Leaving IT To The Exports

One of the main features of managed IT services is that our experts undertake all of the technical maintenance and software upgrades on your behalf. Software is updated, systems are harmonised, and improvements are immediately passed on. This frees up valuable time for your organisation to focus on other vital tasks, whilst ensuring that the technology is optimised. In a playing-field where every minute is critical, and service quality matters, having a team of experts on board can make a real difference.

What You'll Get With Our Fully Managed IT Services:



24/7 Support

Round-the-clock IT support from the TMB Service Desk for your PCs, Macs, printers & hardware



Fully Managed Security

Fully managed security monitoring with the TMB Endpoint Security and Maintenance Suite, security patching, anti-virus software & proactive health checks & maintenance



Server Management

Ensure server performance and security with TMB's Fully Managed Server Operating System Service.



Dedicated Account Manager

Your single point of contact to ensure your account gives your business everything it needs.


On-Site Support

Up to 8 hours per month on-site support from our IT engineers.

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24x7 Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Ensure your systems are always up & running safely.



Monthly service reporting

And quarterly service reviews to a defined SLA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose TMB’s Group managed IT services?

Traditionally, IT support has worked on a ‘break/fix’ basis. This means your IT support team only know you have a problem when you report it. The result is downtime, while you wait for an engineer to be assigned to your support ticket and then wait for them to fix the issue.

With TMB’s Group managed services, we’re able to constantly monitor the performance and health of key systems, like computers and servers. When an issue arises, our support team will be alerted and will either fix things remotely or assign an engineer. In many cases, you and your team will never even know there was an issue, and there won’t be any disruption to your business.

Can I afford these services?

One of the best things about our managed services is that, unlike ‘break/fix’ support, they’re subscription based. So rather than getting big bills whenever something goes wrong, you pay a fixed amount each month, giving you greater control over your IT expenditure.

Who can I talk to about my TMB Group IT solutions?

As well as our helpdesk team, you can also talk to your dedicated account manager or to one of TMB’s Group department managers. When you sign up with us, we’ll give you all the information you need to contact the right person at the right time for you.

Does TMB Group provide hardware?

Yes, we can supply everything from PCs and servers to firewalls and routers. We also carry out infrastructure projects, including network planning and deployment.

What are TMB’s Group response times to support tickets?

Our response times vary on a sliding scale, dependent on the severity of individual incidents. High-priority issues, for example, have a first response time of under 30 minutes.

What kind of businesses does TMB Group work with?

We specialise in providing IT solutions to SMEs, ranging from one-man bands to larger companies with hundreds of users. We can do this because our services are intrinsically designed to scale up as needed. That also means if your business grows (as we hope it will), your TMB Group services will grow with it.

How do I know what IT solutions I need?

If you’re an IT manager, you’ll probably have your own plans, and TMB Group is more than able to work alongside them or to make best-practice recommendations. But if you’re not technologically inclined, we can provide you with all the assistance you need to make an informed choice. Indeed, by helping our customers choose IT services and products they will actually benefit from, we aim to develop long-lasting, valuable business relationships that work for everyone involved.

Our Offices

We have four offices, located across the South East and London, and we have customers all over the country. Our HQ is located on the south coast, in Havant, Hampshire. 

TMB Hampshire

TMB Hampshire
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A1 Endeavour Business Park, 
Penner Road, 
Havant, Hampshire

TMB London

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The Old Town Hall,
4 Queens Road,
SW19 8YB

TMB Essex

TMB Essex
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9-10 King’s Court, 
Newcomen  Way, 
Severalls Business Park, 
Colchester, Essex

TMB Kent

TMB Kent
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The Joiners Shop,
The Historic Dockyard, 
Chatham, Kent

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  • What to look for in a good IT company
  • How to choose the IT support
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