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What TMB Can Do For Your Business

As well as offering fully bespoke, custom developed solutions, we have an excellent selection of off-the-shelf add-ons for Pegasus software. Here are just a few of them.


OPUS (Order Processing Utility Solutions) for Pegasus Opera 3 enhances and improves the experience for anyone who uses Sales Order Processing (SOP) or Purchase Order Processing (POP).

The OPUS suite of applications consists of four modules.

  • Sales & Purchase Order History
  • Sales Order Utilities
  • Purchase Order Utilities
  • Sales Order Notifications

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ROADS and ROADS Lite provide the power and flexibility to cope with the demands of an intensive telesales, order processing and distribution operation.

ROADS forms an integral part of Pegasus Opera 3, replacing the standard Sales Order Processing functionality to provide features specific to a fast moving and high pressure telesales and distribution business.
ROADS Lite is a subset of the ROADS solution and provides a front-end telesales solution to the standard Sales Order Processing system. The features and functionality of both systems can be found listed below.


PegLink for Opera 3 integrates Sales Order and Purchase Order Processing data from a variety of ERP solutions. It links Pegasus Opera 3 Sales and Purchase ledgers by importing invoices and credit notes, and exporting customer and supplier details.


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