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Case Study: Accelerate Underwriting

With TMB’s help and advice, Accelerate Underwriting’s business has grown quickly and significantly…

Nearly all businesses rely on technology to some degree, but for firms like Accelerate Underwriting, it’s practically indispensable. As Alex Royce, the company’s product and IT director, says, it plays a “fundamental” role.

“Our main trading tool, AcceleRATER, is an online quote and buy platform,” Alex says. “We’re a cloud based business; not being shackled by legacy systems enables us to rapidly develop propositions to meet our customers’ needs. Internal communication is key, so we utilise tools such as Office 365, Skype and WebEx.”

Getting these solutions right is clearly vital to the ongoing success of Accelerate Underwriting, and Technology Means Business has helped in a variety of different ways.

The Project: Full IT Audit

As well as building and delivering laptops and desktop PC with Office 365 and other software, including cyber security, TMB Group has has helped with everything from maintaining product licences to providing IT helpdesk support.

But perhaps most important of all, “TMB Group conducted a comprehensive IT audit to ensure that as we grow as a business, we continue to follow best practice regarding data security, encryption and training.

“This IT audit helped identify additional IT security steps that we could deploy, including centralised management and updates of antivirus software by TMB Group and upgrading to Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.” As well as making sure Accelerate Underwriting’s IT solutions are up to date and protecting the business from cyber threats, TMB’s Group work has helped “ensure we meet and exceed our GDPR requirements.”

The company’s trust in TMB’s Group expertise and service has led to it also signing up to our Endpoint Security, a comprehensive package of security tools and software – and there are more projects in the pipeline.

The Result: Improved Company Growth

Having high-quality technology is one thing, but scalability matters too. TMB Group has “helped in the success of Accelerate UW as we’ve grown from a small start up to having over to 160,000 customers. TMB Group has been able to resolve any day-to-day computer issues so we can focus on running our business.”

This ability to support organisations as they grow is central to TMB’s Group IT philosophy – as is our promise to keep customers in the loop. Indeed, for Alex, that’s one of his favourite things about working with us.

“Staff are able to understand and resolve complex IT issues whilst having the skill to communicate and explain without the use of jargon.”

"TMB Group conducted a comprehensive IT audit to ensure that as we grow as a business, we continue to follow best practice regarding data security, encryption and training."
Alex Royce
Product and IT director


  • TMB Group provided and configured laptops and desktop PCs. 
  • TMB Group providing licensing for Office 365 and other essential software. We deployed these tools and provided ongoing support. 
  • An comprehensive IT audit was carried out, covering various areas of best practice, including cyber security.
  • TMB Group licensed, deployed and configured Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.
  • The customer has benefitted from TMB Group managed IT services, including Endpoint Security.
  • TMB’s Group scalable IT solutions have grown with the client’s business.


















About Accelerate Underwriting

Founded in 2015 and based in London, Accelerate Underwriting is an insurance MGA (managing general agent), underwriting non-standard, specialist and niche commercial business.