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3 Ways To Log A Ticket


IT support requests can be emailed to support@tmb.co.uk. For anything related to Pegasus Software, email pegasus@tmb.co.uk.

Emailing your support request to TMB is quick and convenient. Your ticket is logged immediately, and you will receive an automatic email confirmation.

Online Client Portal

The Client Portal allows you to create new support requests as well as view ticket updates and manage all your support requests in one location.

Please request your personal logon details from your account manager.


If you are experiencing a major incident or P1 issue (see ‘Ticket Priorities’, below), please call us immediately on 0333 900 9051

Note: this should be used only for critical issues. 


What Information To Include

We want to resolve your IT issues as quickly as possible. To help us do that effectively, please remember to include as much of the following information when you log a support ticket: 

  • Your name and company name. 
  • The product or service you are having problems with. 
  • The nature of the query/issue being reported. 
  • How many people are being affected by the issue. 
  • Whether this problem has occured before. 
  • Any changes that have been made in your IT solutions (e.g. software upgrade, new PC or server).

Ticket Priorities

To ensure we can respond to the most important issues more quickly, we use the ITIL framework to prioritise support tickets. 


Major Incident: An occasion where a business critical service is interrupted or unavailable.


Priority 1: Similar to a Major Incident but affects fewer internal users.


Priority 2: An occasion where a business critical service is interrupted or unavailable for a small number of users, or a non-business critical service is interrupted or unavailable for all users.


Priority 3: An occasion where a non-business critical service is interrupted or unavailable to a small number of users. 


Priority 4: An occasion where a service is interrupted but does not affect users. Non-urgent change requests such a new starters or leavers.

Response times to issues will vary, according to their priority level. For more information about what qualifies for each priority level and how quickly we aim to resolve them, please refer to your service agreement or contact us via email or phone. 

Related Services

Secure File Transfer

The secure file transfer service serves two purposes. It allows you to send any data to TMB securely so it is encrypted as it passes across the internet. Email is not secure. This service can also be used to transfer large files that are too large to send on email.

Please click the following link to access the secure file transfer service:

Request Remote Support

Your support representative may request to commence a remote control session. Please click the link below and enter the code they provide you: