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How It Works

People learn best through experience, and that’s what our training solution takes advantage of.

Using the Webroot phishing simulator, we send your organisation regular, but entirely fake, phishing emails.

Anyone who is fooled by these can be automatically directed to training videos or other helpful information.

Over time, employees will become more aware not only of these fakes but of real phishing emails as well.

Key Features

Lure Pages

Fake login pages for popular services like Amazon and Facebook. Find out if your users will enter their personal details.


Pre-built Landing Pages

Choose from a selection of ready-made landing pages for your email links, including security infographics and fake error messages.


Training Courses

Educate your people with a range of professionally made videos, which are followed by questionnaires to test their knowledge.


Detailed Reports

After every campaign, TMB Group will provide you with a full report, so you can clearly identify your most at-risk users.


Fully Customisable

TMB Group can create bespoke emails and landing pages, allowing us to simulate more targeted attacks.



When a user completes a security awareness course, they’ll receive a certificate to mark their achievement.