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tmb group IT Services


If any of your network devices are affected by severe security vulnerabilities, we will ensure they are patched, so your business is protected


Maximise your return on investment by buying only the technology that will make a difference to your network


Improve your network design, and you could experience a significant speed bump


With TMB’s Network Management Service, we can quickly identify problematic network devices and improve uptime

Why Use Network Management?

Understanding your network is essential if you want to get the most from it – but that’s easier said than done! Far too often, networks are overly complicated and difficult to navigate.

As well as making troubleshooting problems harder than it has to be, complex networks can suffer from poor performance and reliability.

Why do networks become complicated? In many cases, it happens over a long period of time. As businesses grow and change, so do their networks. New devices get added, this gets plugged into that, and as the years roll by, it all gets out of control.

Identify unnecessary complexity, and you put the power back in your hands.

How Network Management Works

TMB will build a comprehensive, real-time map of your network. Using special software, every network device covered by the service is automatically added to what’s known as a network topology map, including switches, routers and firewalls.

Not only can TMB see the names of these devices, we can tell what they’re connected to, the firmware they’re running and how they’re performing. 


Network Topology

  • Automated network mapping
  • Automated inventory
  • Network documentation
  • IP address management


  • Network evidence 
  • Configuration management 
  • Configuration restore 
  • Configuration analysis 

Network Monitoring

  • Alerts and notifications 
  • Service monitoring 
  • Usage and health statistics 
  • Live and historic data 
  • Traffic insights