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Case Study: Cowell and Cooper

TMB’s knowledge and experience have proven invaluable for the security of Cowell and Cooper and its team…​

Cyber security is too important to ignore. According to the government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018, 43% of businesses in the UK experienced an attack or breach in the previous 12 months. The cost of these attacks can be devastating.

So when Cowell and Cooper became a TMB customer, we recommended a full audit of its cyber security. As a result of what we found, we enabled the firm to make an informed decision about its existing solutions and to plan for the future.

The Problem

During the course of TMB’s security assessment, we identified several areas of weakness in the company’s cyber defences, including an out-of-date firewall and inadequate email security. These put Cowell and Cooper at risk of unauthorised network access and phishing.

The Solution

Simon White, director of Cowell and Cooper, recalls how, with TMB’s help, “We replaced our old firewall with a SonicWall package and opted for Microsoft Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection.”

With the SonicWall in place, the chances of successful network intrusions occurring has been significantly reduced. Microsoft ATP, meanwhile, protects against fraudulent emails and websites – by far the most common forms of cyber attack. For Cowell and Cooper’s employees, that means emails with dangerous links and attachments are weeded out, as are messages from criminals pretending to be the firm’s own people.

Security For The Future

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and with cyber security, the less that happens, the better. In other words, if everything is quiet and uneventful on your network, that means it’s working. Indeed, for Simon, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how improved cyber security benefits his business, but he does know that “what stands out is peace of mind. I don’t know enough about IT to make an informed choice on what we should or shouldn’t have or be doing. So having a partner in TMB to make that judgment for us means I don’t have to worry.”

With cyber criminals always looking for new ways to hook their victims, such a partnership is likely to become even more vital in the years to come. As cyber security technology improves to tackle this developing threat, TMB will continue to keep pace with progress, so our customers, like Cowell and Cooper, will have the support they need to prevent and mitigate the effects of cyber crime.

“On the rare occasions we do have a problem, there's always help at hand to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.”
Simon White


  • Weaknesses in the customer’s cyber security strategy were identified.
  • Improvements were recommended.
  • New cyber security measures, including a SonicWall firewall and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, were deployed and configured.
  • The customer now has greater protection against network intrusions and email-based attacks.
  • TMB’s service and expertise give the customer peace of mind and minimise the chance of cyber attacks and to mitigate the effects when they do occur.


















About Cowell and Cooper

Cowell and Cooper is a small family run business established in 1947. There are two sides to the business, manufacturing, and filling station and shop. The engineering business based in Haverhill Suffolk manufactures wire products but specialises in guarding for the fan / air movement industry. The Murco forecourt and Premier shop is based in Thaxted, Essex.