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Case Study: The Arts Society

When the Arts Society was looking for a new IT supplier with excellent service delivery, its finance director knew exactly where to turn…

The best organisations recognise that business is, above all else, about people. Technology and processes are important too, but the majority of firms want to work with people they like and trust – people they’ve worked with before, who they know will deliver on their word and give them the quality of service they need.

It was for this very reason that the Arts Society approached TMB about overhauling its networks and servers, replacing them with reliable, modern solutions.

“In a previous life,” says Tim Nicholls, finance and resources director at the Art Society, “I was head of finance and corporate services with my previous employer, a long-standing TMB customer. I always had a great service and got on well with TMB’s managers and the guys on the ground.

“When I joined the Arts Society and it was clear that we needed a new approach, the only thought in my mind was to call TMB.”

The Project: Modernising Infrastructure

TMB provided and continues to provide a number of services and products to the Arts Society. As well as offering on-call helpdesk support and infrastructure consultancy, we were engaged to reconfigure the organisation’s network and move everything on to a new server.

According to Tim, “Our old server was out of warranty and pretty obsolete, so it was only a question of time before something went bang!”

For the Arts Society, disruption throughout this project was kept to a minimum, thanks to a rollout that Tim describes succinctly with a single word: “Perfect.”

The Solution: Building For The Future

With more modern infrastructure in place, the Arts Society is now better able to focus on its core objectives. Meanwhile, TMB’s ongoing support ensures reliability of service, and by functioning as the company’s technical advisors, we ensure it’s prepared for any challenges ahead as well.

And for Tim himself, inviting TMB on board has had a notably positive effect: “On the helpdesk side of things, all users are very happy with TMB, and I’ve got a lot of internal credit for bringing them in.”

“I’ve worked with TMB for a long time. I think both sides have a really open honest relationship and understand each other.”
Tim Nicholls
Finance and resources director


  • TMB’s quality of service and reliability encourage customer loyalty.
  • TMB overhauled old out-of-date network and server, replacing them with better, more modern solutions.
  • Smooth rollout of new network kept disruption to a minimum.
  • Ongoing support from TMB enables customer to focus on its core objectives.
  • As a trusted advisor, TMB helps build future IT roadmaps.
















About The Art Society

The Arts Society is a membership organisation and registered charity with 90,000 members across the UK and Europe. Made up of 385 local societies, its aim is to bring people together through a shared curiosity for the arts. As well as a team of full-time staff, it’s driven by the tireless dedication and enthusiasm of its many volunteers.