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IT Support Services for Construction Contractors

Effective IT systems are integral to the growth and success of construction businesses. At TMB, we provide a bespoke service that looks after the back office elements of your business and enables you to focus on service delivery. With over three decades’ experience serving construction companies in London and the South-East, we’re the first choice for personalised IT support solutions for complex construction projects.

Building productivity in construction

IT infrastructure plays a key role in the construction industry, from design and planning to finances, project management and compliance. Collaboration and compliance are crucial in all building projects, with multiple partners working together to deliver outstanding results that meet demanding regulations.

Without effective IT support solutions for construction, hardware, software, and cybersecurity issues can derail projects and increase overheads, leading to missed deadlines and financial penalties. Poor document management delays decision-making and causes inaccuracies; and critical designs cannot be constantly shared and reviewed on-site whenever required.

Our managed IT services for construction businesses

At TMB, our IT managed services support businesses at every level of the construction sector, including architects, lead contractors, sub-contractors, and independent trades people. Our IT support fosters collaborative working and harnesses industry-specific applications, such as CAD.

Our cloud computing solutions give construction businesses instant access to all the tools they need, whether at the office or on site. We also use custom-built business intelligence software for the construction industry, such as Pegasus CIS, which improves control over all aspects of contract management, including:

  • Costing
  • Timesheets
  • Payments
  • VAT invoicing
  • Cash receipt matching

Keeping your project safe and secure

With TMB, your project’s crucial data is always secure. Protected by world-leading security software, your data is safe from cybercriminals, while our disaster backup and recovery service will ensure that your data never goes astray, even in the worst-case scenario.

For flexible IT solutions for construction businesses in London and the South-East, please call TMB today.


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