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Microsoft Office 365 Support & Backup

Collaborate, communicate and innovate

Office 365 has radically changed the way businesses function, giving them flexibility, security and ease of use. In fact, at TMB, we know just how beneficial it can be, because we use it ourselves! 

Keep your files synchronised across multiple devices, and access them anywhere, anytime, both online and offline, with OneDrive for Business. Set up conference calls with ease via Skype for Business.  Get access to reliable, enterprise-class email services with Microsoft Exchange Server. And organise staff members and their tasks with Microsoft’s powerful collaboration tool, Teams


Why Use Office 365?

Office 365 takes everything you know and love about Microsoft Office and makes it better. With both locally installed and cloud versions of all your favourite productivity tools, it provides security, convenience and flexibility – not to mention automatic updates and no-nonsense subscription terms.

Whether you’re migrating from an on-premise system or coming to Office for the first time, the team at TMB will ensure you’re taken care of.

Better Collaboration

Pointless meetings, inpenetrable email chains, inefficient workflows – all have the potential to drag businesses down.

But with tools like SharePoint, Skype, Teams and OneDrive at your side, collaboration becomes easier, more efficient and more likely to result in positive outcomes. It’s all about the flow of information through your company. Ideas and files can not only be shared, but can be collaboratively edited in real time.

Protect Users With Two-factor Authentication

Keeping Office 365 user accounts safe is easy, thanks to two-factor authentication (2FA). Instead of relying on just usernames and passwords, you can require users to enter a temporary code sent to their mobile phone as well. This can be sent by text or provided by the Microsoft Authenticator mobile app.