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As an approved supplier of Gamma’s Horizon cloud contact centre, TMB can help you to connect with your customers from anywhere and at any time and to manage your interactions with them across multiple channels, including telephone, email, and social media direct messaging.

  • Reduce your costs by avoiding expensive on-site licencing, maintenance, and upgrade fees.
  • Accelerate implementation times so you can provide exceptional customer service more quickly.
  • Enhance scalability by increasing or reducing the size of your call centre operations in response to fluctuating demand.
  • Offer your staff more varied remote or hybrid working solutions to improve their wellbeing and productivity.
  • Improve the customer experience by embracing omnichannel and multichannel support options, for happier, more loyal customers.


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Delivering personalised customer experiences tailored to the needs of your business, Gamma’s cloud-based telephony and virtual contact centre improves customer retention, reduces costs, and frees up your staff to focus on other responsibilities, thereby reshaping your organisation to achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

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Why invest in Gamma cloud contact centre through TMB?

  • A tailored service: All business requirements are different, so we can help you to create a tailored service that provides you with the capabilities you need and optimises your operations for enhanced productivity and efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems: Horizon cloud contact centre has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, including your website, CRM, and back-office applications, without expensive integration costs.
  • A secure and scalable solution: Hosted by three cutting-edge data centres, our Gamma cloud contact centre delivers a resilient and secure solution that allows you to add or remove users whenever needed, with no penalties.
  • Outstanding reliability: Horizon Cloud Contact Centre is integrated with the Cirrus platform for guaranteed 99.99% uptime, so you won’t need to worry about frustrating periods of downtime.
  • An extensive array of functions: The TMB Gamma cloud contact centre support service comes with a broad range of value-added features as standard that will ensure your business’s needs are met and allow you to reshape the customer experience.
  • A cost-effective cloud-based solution: Signing up to the Gamma cloud contact centre through TMB requires no capital expenditure, as the service’s functions are available as an operational expense that will help to cut your telephony, mobile, and contact centre costs.
  • Robust business continuity and disaster recovery: Should a disaster occur that disrupts your telecoms and your ability to deliver services, our business continuity service allows contacts to be rerouted to mobiles, other contact centres, or a disaster recovery site, with live status alerts keeping your customers informed at all times. Disaster management can be overseen via the web from any device or by calling into your phone numbers directly.

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