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Remote Working Facts

  • 99% of workers would like to work remotely, at least some of the time.
  • 40% of people say the greatest benefit of remote working is a flexible schedule.
  • 84% of remote workers work from home.
  • 40% of businesses have some full-time remote staff.
  • 91% of business owners say they intend to always support remote working.

State of Remote Work, https://buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2019

Remote Working Solutions


We work with industry-leading vendors to provide our customers with laptops, phones, tablets and more. As well as sourcing hardware, we set it up and configure it to maximise performance and security.

Cloud Software

Access and edit your documents from anywhere with an internet connection, thanks to the power of Office 365. As a Microsoft Partner, TMB offers excellent pricing and support for the entire stack.

Remote Access

If your employees need to access files and applications on your on-site server, TMB’s remote access and VPN solutions provide the flexibility you need.

Device Management

Control exactly who and what can access your IT resources and business data. With solutions like Microsoft Intune, you can set permissions for users and devices exactly how you want them.

Cloud Telephony

One number, anywhere in the world. Our fully managed cloud-based telephony service can be accessed via a desk phone, a computer program or a mobile phone app.

Disaster Recovery

In the event that you cannot access your premises or on-site server, our cloud-based disaster recovery is the perfect lifeline. You’ll be able to spin up and work from an online clone of your server within minutes.

Talk To TMB About Remote Working

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