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TMB Business Broadband Services in Essex

Getting the right internet service is all about balancing your needs against your budget. That’s why we have a wide range of leased line and broadband packages, offering a variety of speeds and prices. 

Leased Lines

Your own dedicated connection between your business and the local exchange. You get superfast upload and download speeds, and you never have to compete with other users for bandwidth. 

Up to 10Gbps!


Affordable, high-speed internet connectivity. Downloads are prioritised over uploads, and speeds are dependent on contention with other users. 

Up to 314Mbps!

How Fast?

Not sure how much speed you need? Here’s how long it would take to download or upload files at different speeds:

Network Speed

Note: These speeds are for illustrative purposes only. Actual speeds will vary depending on a range of factors, including contention, processing power and the number of files.

Get More For Your Money

Has the fixed term of your internet contract ended? Are you now on a monthly rolling contract? 

If so, you’re probably throwing money down the drain. Better prices are available on new contracts, so you can either:

Pay less for the same connection speed.


Pay the same and get much faster internet.

Contact TMB today to find out what deals we can get for your business. If it’s not for you, then you can simply stick with what you have. There’s really nothing to lose!
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