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Key Benefits

  • Backup solutions management (supported products only).
  • Antivirus management.
  • Trend analysis of any component or feature.
  • Availability analysis or statistics.
  • Server asset logging tracking and management.
  • Change management monitoring and recording.
  • Service and critical process management and monitoring.
  • Proactive monitoring of essential server components including memory, storage, processor activity and event logs.
  • Remote control and administration.
  • Testing and application of patches and fixes.
  • Management and maintenance of temporary files.
  • Resolution of performance-specific problems, including high CPU, low memory, memory leaks and slow response.

Proactive & Effective

Here’s how it works: TMB Group installs a monitoring agent – a small, uninstrusive application that sits on your server or servers. This constantly monitors the health and security of the server, sending only relevant information back to us.

If the monitoring agent detects a problem, such as a security breach or a failed backup, it informs TMB Group. That means we’re able to act swiftly, and we can minimise disruption to your business.

Server Monitoring In The Cloud

]Using a cloud server, rather an on-site, physical one? Don’t worry: TMB’s Group Fully Managed Operated System Service is fully compatible with cloud servers as well. As long as it’s running compatible software, the service is the same.

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