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Why Device Control Is Important

Mobile devices are now a regular part of everyday business. As well as company-owned computers, phones and tablets, many organisations also run BYOD (bring your own device) schemes, enabling staff to use their personal devices for work. 

If not properly managed, each and every one of those devices is a potential security risk. A piece of malware downloaded through a malicious phone app could easily find its way onto your network and cause untold damage. 

Mobile devices are easily lost too. Without the right protection, there might be nothing to stop a thief gaining unauthorised access to your data and cloud applications. 

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is designed to solve these problems and give you control over can access what, when and where. 


Key Features

  • Limit which devices can access your networks and online applications. 
  • Seamless single sign-on for easy user access to thousand of cloud and on-premise applications – including Office 365, Salesforce, Concur and Workday. 
  • Secure, password-free authentication. 
  • Freedom to work from phone, tablet, Mac or PC, without worrying about security. 
  • Support for employee-owned and company-owned devices. 
  • Create conditional rules, based on variables such as user location and device state. 
  • Enforce app policies to prevent potentially harmful actions. 
  • Set the conditions of file sharing, keeping data safe from unauthorised users. 


 Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is available as part of....

Microsoft 365

Three major Microsoft products, one licence.

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