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Pegasus Industry Sectors

Pegasus solutions are a good fit for your business, whatever industry sector you operate in. They can be fully integrated throughout your organisation, eliminating the need to run seperate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems.

Furthermore, with TMB’s help, you can have a fully bespoke business solution, bolstered by third-party add-ons that answer the specific challenges of your industry.

If you would like to know more about how Pegasus Software solutions can work for your own sector, get in touch. 




Our solutions help you manage your components and processes in the Manufacturing sector.


Professional Services

Benefit from better management reporting to help run your business and maximise profitability.


Transport & Storage

A scalable solution to handle accurate job costing and stock control, geared to global business with multi currency.

Wholesale & Retail

A flexible solution designed to give retail and wholesale businesses access to the right information on demand.



Specialist software designed to manage your contracts and costs, in time and on budget.



Software to allow you to manage your contacts, resources and costs to deliver an excellent service.

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