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Why Use Pegasus BDR?

The information you create and store in your Pegasus solutions, such as Opera 3 and CIS, is likely critical to your business operations. If it’s temporarily unavailable, that could cause significant disuption. And if data is lost completely, the damage to your profitability and reputation could be permanent.

Not only does TMB’s Pegasus Backup & Disaster Recovery solution make regular backups of your data, it can also work in server mode too. That means if your server goes down, you can carry on working until it’s been fixed. 

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Cloud-Powered Recovery

As well as running on an on-site backup and disaster recovery device, our Pegasus BDR solution also has a cloud option. All your files, user profiles and system configurations can be restored even if your local backup server is inacessible.

Causes Of Data Loss

  • Hardware failure or malfunction.
  • Employee accidents. 
  • Cyber crime. 
  • Hardware theft. 
  • Malware.
  • Fire and explosions. 
  • Water damage.
  • Electrical surges.

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