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Purchase Requisition Software

Manage and process requests with confidence

Save time and money with applications that streamline your business purchases. Our purchase requisition solutions give you flexibility, visibility and control.


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How TMB Can Help

How do your empower employees with the ability to buy the things they need to do their job, while maintaining control and visibility? 

Do off-the-shelf purchasing solutions fail to meet the needs of your business? 

If so, TMB’s bespoke purchase requisition can help. Built on an industry-leading back-end, our solutions are customised to answer the unique challenges of your business. That includes branding the software to match your company.  



Our bespoke front-end purchase requisition software allows companies to:

  • Control costs more effectively.
  • Save on software licensing costs.
  • Provide visibility of committed expenditure.
  • Ensure that correct procedures for authorisation are adhered to and all commitments are captured.
  • Increase the speed and ease with which invoices can be authorised and processed.
  • Allow better use of preferred suppliers and greater visibility of spend across your business to allow purchasing decisions to be made.
  • Reduce the time required to generate monthly accruals for committed spend.